The Ultimate 5-Step Guide to Finding Yoga Blogs for Guest Posting

Yoga blogs are plenty, especially nowadays, when contact with nature, with your body, awareness, and mindfulness are on the rise. After the pandemic, people have finally realized how important it is to be in harmonious relationships with themselves.

If you own a business connected to the field, it’s a great time for you to look for yoga blogs accepting guest posts. Submit one and showcase your company and website to a broad audience. You’ll get more traffic and conversions as a result, but only if you choose proper yoga blogs for your purpose.

Fortunately, we’re here to help you with that.


5 Steps to Yoga Sites for Guest Posting

Here are the basic steps you should to do always have access to juicy yoga backlinks

  1. Choose the type of yoga you’ll be writing about.
    Hatha yoga, ashtanga yoga, kundalini yoga, vinyasa yoga…there are so many types, all used for various purposes. Which one is your focus? This is important since the search for the best yoga ‘write for us’ sources is based on the similarity to your main topic. If you write, offer products or services in a narrow field, make sure there are several links in your portfolio from similar ‘narrowed’ sites. Of course, a credible post on a website about yoga in general is worth its submission and negotiation as well.
  2. Create a focus query.
    If you look for a ‘blog about yoga’, you’ll get millions of results. But what blogs accept guest posts? Do you want to click every link and check every page to see if there’s an option to contribute an article? If not, create a proper search query, like ‘yoga blog “write for us”’. Make sure to include the latter part. It can be either ‘contribute to us’ or ‘write for us’.
  3. Set up Google Alarms.
    You want to have fresh blogs for guest articles all the time, right? Google Alarms will help you with that. Set up notifications on the new pages about yoga, specifically those that accept contributions. You know what queries to set alarms for (hint: look at point 2).
  4. Look on themed platforms.
    Forums and communities can have links to popular websites among the target audience. This is just what you need.
  5. Collaborate with link-builders.
    A company specializing in guest posting and link building will gladly shorten the list of steps to 1 – contacting it. As you agree on the terms of cooperation, your link will be sent to as many websites as you need. Not just any blogs, but DA40+ credible yoga blogs where your target audience resides!

This is how we would choose yoga guest posting sites, based on recommendations from experts we’ve consulted with over time. You can choose to do it yourself or turn to an expert service. 

Getting Yoga Backlinks Is Easy with Professional Support

We’re sure you can do all of this yourself and submit high-quality articles. But we also know that if you’re a website owner, there’s a lot to do. Planning content, looking for the latest topics to write about, making and choosing visuals are only the tip of the iceberg. And if you own a business, the number of tasks increases tenfold.

So, the best choice today is to look for yoga ‘write for us’ sites through a specialized link-building service.

You’ll get professional support and the best choice of sources from thousands residing in the directory of the service. Pro copywriters will help you with the content and locate the link where everyone will see it and become curious about it. This cooperation will change marketing and SEO campaigns for you forever!