The Octopus Deploy Powershell module

About OctoPosh

OctoPosh is a Powershell module that provides cmdlets to do basic tasks on Octopus Deploy. All the cmdlets use a combination of the Octopus REST API and the Octopus .NET Client.


From PowershellGallery

  1. C:\> Install-Module -Name Octoposh -force
  2. C:\> Import-Module Octoposh

The Install-Module cmdlet is part of the Windows Management Framework 5.0.


OctoPosh Wiki on GitHub

Visit the OctoPosh Wiki page to learn about the module's features and how to use them.

OctoPosh on Gitter

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Latest Releases

Version Downloads Released Release Notes
0.6.11 206431 26/08/2017 Release Notes
0.6.10 1285 07/07/2017 Release Notes
0.6.9 419 08/06/2017 Release Notes
0.6.8 490 15/05/2017 Release Notes
0.6.7 14 15/05/2017 Release Notes