Social media and SEO are two of the best working approaches for marketing, brand awareness, product promotion, etc. SNS are vast platforms used by millions of people worldwide. It provides opportunities for any business to find and communicate with their target audiences.

In combination, social media and SEO strategy are surely some of the most powerful tools you can implement for your business in 2021. But how to build a working technique? There are many recommendations from leaders of search engine optimization, and we’ve combined them all into this useful guide.

Create Identical Goals for Both Approaches

There are several uses of social media for SEO:

  • You can create content for SNS and enrich it with proper keywords;
  • You can promote your website’s pages on social media, getting more traffic and leads, etc.

The point is to have one list of keywords and the same approach to creating your social media and website content. Such consistency will improve chances for success. Sticking to the list of keywords you’ve analyzed and found the best for your brand will ensure you fill the right niche. 

Social media platforms are the best for raising brand awareness as well, which will indirectly improve your optimization strategy results. However, the right SEO strategy is of utmost importance, both for your SNS profiles and website.

Identify the Target Profile for Your Social Media Promotion

Identifying the target audience isn’t enough nowadays. You need a target profile, which is much more precise. When selling a product and/or service, think about the ideal person to purchase it. Target specialists can help you think of a perfect customer.

This is your target profile.

When implementing social media and SEO strategy, make it work for the people matching or close to that profile. You’ll cater to many more people who may be interested in your products and services this way.

Make Sure Your Writing Is Engaging

Engaging content, as well as SEO-friendly writing, are essential for the success of your strategy. Here are some tips on engaging writing:

  • Simply ask.
    Talk to people, ask them to like, follow, subscribe, go to your website. Don’t do it too often, though, not to be annoying.
  • Ask questions.
    Ask questions in your writing. This is a great way to bring a long-tail keyword in to make your profile a candidate for a SERP ranking for that phrase. It may be also featured in People Also Ask, which multiplies chances for a higher ranking.
  • Always answer.
    Go through the comments and answer every question. Engage in conversations, and you’ll build trust and have a loyal audience ready to consider getting your products and/or services.

Also, as you figure out your target profile, you’ll know the tone your potential customers will respond the best to. This will help you engage them, get more likes, comments, and visits to your website.

Continuing with the same tone there, you’ll be able to get more conversions. Remember about the consistency of content on the site and your social media accounts.

Use Digital Services and Tools

Gladly, there are lots of tools and services online that can help you with anything from analyzing your business to creating optimized content. 

For example, you can work with to create content for social media with proper keywords. Monitor and analyze results, publish the best pieces, boost them for the best performance, and engage the audience. 

This is a SaaS solution that can become a real breakthrough in your social media and SEO journey. There are also other instruments that will help greatly:

  • Google Search Console;
  • Google Analytics;
  • SEMrush services;
  • Ubersuggest;
  • Moz services, and more.

All of these will help you always see where your website is in SERPs and what you can do to improve the results of your strategy.

Also, on, you can find some of the best tips for creating branded content for social media. There are lots of recommendations online, so, even if you’re a beginner, you can build your own strategy and make it successful.

Embrace the Vast Range of Social Media

Create accounts on several social media platforms. Consider:

  • Instagram;
  • Facebook;
  • TikTok;
  • Twitter;
  • LinkedIn.

The final choice depends on your target audience and the way you want to position yourself. However, limiting your outreach to one SNS isn’t wise. There are several benefits to being active on different platforms:

  • Outreach improvement.
    A wider outreach is very useful for any SEO campaign. However, it’s very important that you actually maintain those accounts. There are many automatic features now that will help you control posting. Scheduled publications, readdressing (you can publish Insta posts on Facebook), etc. will help greatly.
  • Catering to different target groups.
    One business can cater to different groups of people. You may want to reach out to all of them through different social media. Instagram and Facebook seem mandatory for any business since most people check SNS accounts of companies they want to buy from. 
  • Backlinks.
    Your SEO backlink profile is one of the deciding factors for website ranking. The higher you rank, the more people visit your website. As a result, your brand becomes more popular and revenue rises. Every social media profile can rank for focus keywords of your choice. So, with every profile, you increase chances for that place on SERPs.

Make Sure Your SNS Team Is Fluent in SEO

If you have a larger business and a team that is working on your social media presence, make sure they are fluent in SEO. There are special online courses that will get them on track easily and quickly. It’s crucial for the combination of marketing strategies.

Here are some things the team should know:

  • How to analyze keywords and properly insert them into a text;
  • The importance of long-tail keywords;
  • How to present links in posts or Stories if we’re talking about Instagram.

Marketing skills are very desirable as well. When a conversation starts between the SNS management team and a potential buyer, they should be able to provide links to the official website of your brand in the right way.

Mixing strategies is very important for a positive outcome. Social media and SEO are powerful instruments that, when combined, can provide incredible results. Your job is either to combine them wisely or have a team trained on how to do it.

Use the same keywords on the website and social media, write branded, optimized content, engage your audience, ask them to support your business. Eventually, you’ll find the most suitable approach for your brand, products, and services.